How AI Revolutionize the Future of Digital Marketing

AI to Filter Search Results

Google’s RankBrain is a core machine learning (ML) algorithm which determine the most relevant results to search engine queries. The ML enable to accurately quantify ranking drivers, provide precise recommendations for changes, and predicts the impact of SEO actions before they are implemented.

AI Personalisation

AI and deep learning today manage to look for the right audience and write better ads than humans to increase conversion rates and engagement with the target audience. AI exploiting NLG (Natural Language Generation) to curate personalized content for individual.

AI Is Transforming Ads Buy

AI and machine learning have been applied in digital ads buy. Most ads platform today make use of advanced machine learning algorithms to make accurate predictions about how different bid amounts might impact conversion or conversion value and assist advertisers in optimising without getting into too many details.

Facebook incorporated ML across campaign planning, execution, as well as in ad placements and ad delivery. Google predict user behaviour through search data that influence auction time bidding as per the goal set by advertisers.

AI / ML improved write-up testing by evaluating ad copies and landing pages on various parameters to gauge the impact on ad relevance, expected CTR, and landing page experience.


The tech points to a future where consumers know precisely what they want and when they want it. Thus, brands need to work even harder to meet their demands. As millennials continue to age, brand will continue to unfold newer potential uses of AI in digital marketing.

By leveraging to the new emerging technologies like AI, voice search, image search, and VR/AR technologies is significantly enhancing personalised experience.

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